Ingrown toenails

Are ingrown toenails serious?

Ingrown toenails can become inflamed, infected and very painful. Timely and appropriate treatment is important, to avoid them getting worse.

Toenails can curl as they grow – this over-curvature is called involution and is often viewed as a type of ingrown toenail. Involution can be very painful, especially if hard or dry skin builds up down the side of the toenail.

If a toenail penetrates the skin this ingrown nail is called onychocryptosis – a true ingrowing toenail. This is usually extremely painful and there may be localized swelling and redness in the area next to the nail sometimes accompanied by a discharge or pus. These commonly get infected.

Both involuted nails and ingrown toenails can be effectively treated by your foot specialist/chiropodist. Gentle and conservative management may be sufficient, however some nails benefit from the use of a numbing agent or local anesthesia. Talk to your chiropodist/foot specialist about the most effective and suitable treatment options for you!

Do you treat ingrown toenails?

Yes! If it's time to seek a permanent solution to your persistent or painful ingrown toenails, we are pleased to help!
If you are worried about an ingrown toenail, our trained reception team will be pleased to arrange your appointment and discuss any concerns you may have. We can schedule an initial appointment for a consultation with one of our foot specialists/chiropodists:

  • Stuart Berry BSc (Hons) Pod, MCPod, MFPM RCPS (Glas), CSci or
  • Jake Cahoon DCh HBK C.Ped(C)

Stuart and Jake by registration and training are able to perform Nail Surgery and injections to the foot including Local Anesthesia.