general care

General care involves the assessment and treatment of feet and the maintenance and promotion of healthy feet through ongoing preventative care. This includes the management of nail and skin conditions.

Rough skin can often be managed at home through filing or using a pumice stone and by using a foot moisturizer daily, however callus often requires painless removal by your Foot Specialist / Chiropodist. Hard skin, or callus, is caused by frictional forces or diffuse pressure areas on the foot.

Corns require treatment by a Chiropodist/Foot Specialist. They are dense local areas of hard skin with a central core called a nucleus which are caused due to recurrent focal pressure on the same area of skin. This is often caused due to abnormal bio-mechanics or gait, foot or toe deformities (such as hammer toes) or ill-fitting footwear. Treatment of corns will include gentle removal of the nucleus and addressing the abnormal pressure that is causing the corn to develop.