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This blog contains information and advice as we transition our feet from winter conditions to spring/summer conditions.

After a long winter full of rain and snow, spring has finally sprung and it’s now time to change our footwear and give our toes some fresh air.

During the colder months our feet are protected and snugged into our boots and winter shoes, and if our shoes aren’t properly fitted, our feet could suffer from corns and callus. As we change into our sandals, corns can improve on their own as our toes have more space but rubbing can lead to blisters even if our sandals are broken-in and familiar to our feet. It is important to check there are no pebbles in the shoe and not to go on long walks with shoes or sandals that haven’t been worn in months. Old and worn-out shoes that might feel comfortable might not give the support that your feet need.

We might also want to buy new shoes for the warmer months. There can be quite a difference in sizing from one manufacturer to another, so it is important to try all shoes properly before buying. Our feet swell up during the day, so trying and purchasing shoes in the evening or late afternoon will give you a more accurate width of our feet. If you wear orthotics, inserting the orthotics into the shoes you want to buy would be a great idea for no unfortunate surprises when trying them at home, so be sure to take these with you.

We must also be aware of fungus and verrucae (Plantar warts) around changing rooms. It is nice to freshen up in pools and gymnasiums, but it is important to wash and dry our feet and to look out for signs of athlete’s foot (itchiness and dryness).  Wearing flip-flops or sandals in these common spaces is a great preventative method.

As mentioned above, it can be nice to walk around barefoot, but not wearing shoes can lead to catching infections. Injuring, cutting and getting splinters can be caused by walking barefoot as our feet aren´t protected. It is best to take extra precaution and avoid any injuries especially if you’re diabetic.

It is always nice to go on walks and to become more active as the days are longer in the warmer months. But it is vital to make sure you are wearing supportive footwear and it is best to build up on exercise as we can cause strain in our joints and muscles in our legs and feet.

Warmer weather can cause our feet to get dry, specifically around our heels.  It is important to moisturise daily our feet with Urea based cream such as Dermal Therapy, Urisec or Uremol.

Our Chiropodists here at The Footcare Centre will always care and treat feet of those patients. To book or to make an appointment to get your feet sorted for spring please call 905-357-0214 or book online

This blog has been written by Steven Castillo Pinel and is not necessarily the opinion of The Footcare Centre.